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" 22 DAYS OF INFAMY OF INDIAN HISTORY " (May 15, 1999 - June 7, 1999)

As these lines are written fingers shake; As the days between May 15th - June 7th are unabatedly toiled blood boils for what india has forgotten, which should not have been forgotten. We don’t even give heed for what India has lost and gained in the span of 22 days of infamy of Indian History. I do understand the value and gravity of the word INFAMY and have NOT used it with a chauvinistic impulse, but I know what I am using and it would be realized why this article is written with such heightened NODE.

It was on May 15th, Lt Saurabh Kalia informed that Pakistan Army had infiltrated across LOC on a larger scale. He along with other four jawans -Sepays Arjun Ram, Bhanwar Lal Bagaria, Bhika Ram, Moola Ram, Naresh Shigh where captured inside the INDIAN SIDE of LOC by Pakistan rangers. They were in Pakistan army’s captivity for 22 days (May 15, 1999 - June 7, 1999). When their bodies were handed over to Indian army it was mutilated because of unprecedented brutal torture. Furthermore, postmortem relieved that Pakistan army had committed most heinous war crimes of first order; They burned their bodies with cigarettes, They pierced their ear-drums with hot rods, They punctured their eyes before removing them, They broke most of their teeth and bones, They chopped off their limbs and private organs. They even percolated all sorts of physical and mental tortures before they were shoot in the head.


All these were totally AGAINST GENEVA CONVENTION. Geneva Convention’s part three on captivity { Section 1 } clearly states the methods of interrogation by a detaining power should not involve any or “NO PHYSICAL OR MENTAL TORTURE, NOR ANY OTHER FORM OF COERCION”

This does not end here, Lt Saurabh Kalia's father { Dr. N.K. Kalia } even to this day is fighting for justice. He wants that the act which was perpetuated on his son be declared a war crime by the UN. Numerous letters to the centre have been ignored. These soulless and nerveless dead governments {s} which were elected by us do not even acknowledge to pursue the matter with a worldly body.

“I am ashamed of being an Indian. The country has spineless leaders “ said Dr. N K.Kalia. He added “If this had happened to American or Israeli soldiers the culprits would have been hounded around the globe."

"In order to declare a war crime, the ministry of defense needs to write to the ministry of external affairs, which then takes up the matter with the UN Human Rights Council. The council then refers the matter to the General Assembly, which can declare war crime. It then goes to the international court of justice. It is the ministry of external affairs that did not follow up the case with the UN," says Colonel (retd) SK Aggarwal, former judge advocate general (JAG) officer.

The British High Commission said “We are seeking from the Indian Army a full report of postmortem, unfortunately without any success so far.”

Israel's said “Israel does not have diplomatic relation with Pakistan"

Germany said “They had contacted the ministry of external affairs and had not received a reply"

Let me end my lines with the words of Lt Saurabh Kalia's father " It was Saurabh's sacrifice that awoke a sleeping nation to the intrusion," said he, "I will pursue the case with whatever strength I have till I am no more."

Is it not Indian blood's responsibility to help him by submitting your support for this great Indian son!?

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" This national ship { INDIAN SHIP } of ours, ye children of the Immortals, my countrymen, has been plying for ages, carrying civilization and enriching the whole world with its inestimable treasures. For scores of shining centuries this national ship of ours has been ferrying across the ocean of life, and has taken millions of souls to the other shore, beyond all misery. But today it may have sprung a leak and got damaged, through your own fault or whatever cause it matters not. What would you, who have placed yourselves in it, do now? Would you go about cursing it and quarrelling among yourselves! Would you not all unite together and put your best efforts to stop the holes? Let us all gladly give our hearts' blood to do this; and if we fail in the attempt, let us all sink and die together, with blessings and NOT CURSES ON OUR LIPS "

- Swami Vivekananda

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