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June 6th of 1944 marks as an epitomical day in world history as it is the 67th anniversary of a day which tangentially altered the world history unequivocally. If not for this day, world’s history would have been written differently. Today, reminds the world of that massive war effort which was undertaken by Allied Forces in putting an end to the tyranny of Nazi Germany by Normandy Landings { D - DAY }.

A total people involved in these landings were close to 4 million – Allied soldiers. {Which excludes Nazi German soldiers}? Below photos does tell us the never ending story of mystery which humanity had to go through because
of such wars.

Normandy Invasion, June 1944 Overview and Special Image Selection

Normandy Invasion D-Day Landings on "Omaha" Beach, 6 June 1944

With the quantum of resources available at our disposal, my quest for knowing the real reason behind such wars and finding ways ( if any ) to avoid such wars in further would have ended in a massive failure but for these below words which speaks for itself on the reasons of this war and how such wars can be avoided.


“The whole of Western World is on a volcano which may burst tomorrow”said Swami Vivekananda after his first visit from west at Triplicane Literary Society, Madras. During his second visit to the West he saw Europe as “a vast military camp.” “Throughout Europe there is a craze for soldiers, soldiers every where “ he said during his European tour in 1900. From the below lines it is certain that he did see the rise of Germany and prophesied these lines which should be etched in every human mind of every country if such wars need to be avoided.

“On the other hand, centralized, young and mightily Germany has begun her upward march above the horizon with rapid strides...... Germany is fast multiplying her population, and is exceptionally hardy. Today Germany is the dictator to all Europe , her place is above all!" He also prophesied the dreadful wars led by German imperialism: “ Germany will surely try to absorb the German - speaking portion of the Austrian Empire - and Russia and others are sure to oppose her; so there is the possibility of a dreadful war".

He continued : - " I have a message for the West as Buddha had a message for the East." "The whole of Western Civilization will crumble to pieces in the next fifty years if there is no spiritual foundation. ..... Europe, the centre of the manifestation of material energy, will crumble into dust within fifty years if she is not mindful to change her position, to shift her ground and make spirituality the basis of her life. And what will save Europe is the religion of the Upanishads".

His prophecy did become true. Europe did crumble within the 50 years as west failed to respond to his words. And turned Europe and Japan into a wasteland. Will the world shift its ground and make spirituality the basis of country's life is a question only time will answer ? Is it not !?

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Rajhashekher BC - Raj
Monday, 6 June 2011 7:05 AM

" Everything must be sacrificed, if necessary, for that one sentiment, Universality. whether I live or die, whether i go back to india or not, remember this specially, that universality - perfect acceptance, not tolerance only - we preach and perform " - SWAMI VIVEKANANDA 1894 - Aamerica

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