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On 11th of July, 1894 from U.S.A, Swami Vivekananda wrote an invigorated fiery letter to one of the Indian disciples which is relevant even to this day because of the current circumstances prevailing in my country.
He wrote " The faculty of organization is entirely absent in our nature, but this has to be infused. The great secret is - absence of jealousy. Be always ready to concede to the opinions of your brethren, and try always to conciliate. That is the whole secret. Fight on bravely! Life is short! Give it up to a great cause”.

There are Himalayan efforts being undertaken by organizations \ individuals to curb corruption in India and as an continuation of that struggle; Anna Hazare gave an inspirational and momentous speech at Raj Gath on June 8th.

Below is the transcript {in part} of that speech which is very much in line with the above words of Swami Vivekananda.


Transcript Of Anna Hazare’s Inspirational And Momentous Speech:

Respected brothers and sisters, I thank all of you for joining the struggle which was started on 5th of April which still continues on to this day. I would also like to thank all the channels of different networks for broadcasting this struggle to every corner of India.

Today’s one day fast is against the barbaric act which was perpetuated by government on people who were in sleep at Ramlila Maidan. It is totally a blatant attack on our countries democracy! What happened there on that dreadful night is execution of very annals of our democracy? Each country in this world has given the power to the people to protest against any injustice. And such protests can never be considered equal to treason. And is the fundamental undercurrent of any democratic step up.

We are sitting here at Raj Ghat to protest against that barbaric act of the government. If this is the action which would be perpetuated than what is the difference between the British India and Independent India. It is equivalent to Jallianwala Bagh massacre; Only difference is that bolts were not fired at people. We have to take refuge in the messages of Mahatma Gandhi if this second struggle of freedom needs to proceed. One of his first messages is that of “NON VIOLIENCE “. If we do become violent in this struggle then we would be giving government a powerful instrument to curb us down.

I am fighting from past 25 years and I have fought against strongest negative elements of the society; Have been fighting against rowdies……Have been fighting against governments. They were not able to subdue me because of that one characteristic. What is that I have? I leave in a temple; Have a plate to eat and a mattress to sleep, nothing other than these things. I have organized and completed projects of society which surmount to cores of rupees. But I have no bank balance. I don’t have money or power but even after which SIX central cabinet ministers came to meet me. If I had taken up the path of violence then these people would have twisted and manipulated my struggle.

Couple of minutes ago someone commented if Anna wanted he could have become a politician. He could have become an MP, an MLA. What is that I would have achieved by becoming an MP. Even if I had become an MP I would not have got the happiness what I am experiencing at this moment. Whatever happiness which I am experiencing today is real continuities happiness which can never be broken nor would get depleted by time? My message to all Indians is this: This second struggle of freedom from the tyranny of corruption has started. Even though we are an Independent country, we have not yet got right and complete freedom. Paramount difference is that whites went and blacks have taken their place. We have a long way to go…………

For which each of us need to ingrain pure strain free character, renounce everything and should not deviate from the path of truth. Remember this - “People who live for others are remembered. People who live for themselves will never be remembered “. This is the message which we need to think and imbibe in our lives and also learn from our country’s great history. I thought and imbibe this in my life when I was 24 years old.
Read a book of Swami Vivekananda because of which I understood the goal of life and decided that I will not live for myself instead will live for the well fare of my country. And if and when I die it should be for the welfare of my country. And now I am walking fearlessly with death in one hand.

Government even tried to provide security to me; I wrote a letter to the government asking: - " When did Bhagat Singh ask for security? When did Rajguru and sukhdave ask for security? “. If these people had asked for security, then our country would not have got independence. I also wrote in the same letter that people die of heart attack; and I do not want to die the same death instead die for my country!

Most of you might not believe few days before, one of the cabinet ministers had given a Supari of 30 lacks to kill me; but the person who was supposed to take Supari told the minster that he would not kill me as I was a person who is working for this country.

Another thing which each of you need to remember is that when you want to fight for country there is bound to hear people speaking against you or criticizing you. During those times develop strength to forbear those criticisms: If you want to do good for the society, if you want to do good for the country then you will have to forbear personal criticisms. BUT DO NOT FORBEAR UNJUSTICE TOWARDS SOCIETY OR COUNTRY that would be biggest treason. The more we are criticized the more we will get ability to do more work for country.

Now, I want to say something for the government also……We and government are NOT two but one; Only thing that government has to understand and do is……To get down from the position of a dictator and start working as a unit then ONLY OUR COUNTRY WILL MOVE FORWARD…

It is the same words which Swami Vivekananda had resonated 150 years ago which again being resonated by Anna Hazaza…...! Will we concede to the opinions of our brethren? Will we try to conciliate with our brethren!? Without which how can my country arise from the deep slumber which we have knowing or unknowing pushed it too!?

- Thanks
Rajhashekher BC - Raj
SUNDAY, JUNE 12, 2011

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