Sunday, May 22, 2011


Man Behind This Person

A boy born in a very poor family could not get proper education. He had to make his living by selling flowers on the road side and from going house to house. He could not get a proper job. Hence finally joined the india army as a soldier and fought against pakistan in 1965 war. Even after which he felt that all his dreams were crushed. Hence was returning to his home and spent some time at Delhi railway platform. His mind was so stressed that he decided to end his life of failure by committing suicide. As he was about to commit suicide he saw a book sales person trolling a trolley filled with books. Among the heed of books he noticed one book called “ CALL TO THE NATION of Swami Vivekananda "; Picked it and started reading it as he was standing on railway platform. He read this book 3 times at a stretch and decided there is nothing great in dying but real greatness lies in living for the country. Who was this boy ?

Yes, it is same person around whom whole of India is rallying around from past 5 days. It's Anna Hazare.

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Sunday, April 10, 2011 12:25:32 AM

Transcript Of " Call To The Nation " Can Be Accessed By Clicking On This Universal Resource Link : -

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