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" HANATE \ BEACON - 2011 "

" HANATE \ BEACON - 2011 "

" The newer and better a thing is, the more opposition it will meet with at the outset. It is the opposition which foretells success " - SWAMI VIVEKANANDA

Hanatha 2011 – The Path:
I did hold off previous weeks article; One of the paramount reason was to give an amalgamated live experience{s} of the youths who attended HANATE 2011 which was held by us { The Viveka Hamsa Balaga }. HANATE was scheduled to occur on Saturday 2nd and 3rd of October 2010 but was postponed to Jan 22nd and 23rd 2011 because of Ayothya Conflict. This did not end there Jan 22nd 2011 was also a Bandh. During these instances one thing which stood by us like Himalayan Mountain were these words of Swami Vivekananda which he had resonated a century and a half ago. “The more the opposition there is, the better. Does a river acquire velocity unless there is resistance ? The newer and better a thing is, the more opposition it will meet with at the outset. It is the opposition which foretells success ". I am very happy to acknowledge the fact that we did face hurdles due to circumstances in the country. On the same stretch let me also acknowledge that more the hurdles to this event the more it made me { US } to believe the unrefrainable fact of more the hurdles to this event it is better; For it only facilitated each of us to showcase the collective hidden potential lying dormant in each of us in making this event even more grand success. Which was what was destined to happen; and is what DID HAPPEN!!!! - " THE GRAND SUCCESS ". This article stands as the living testimony to that grand success which HANATE 2011 achieved.

Non – Stop feast for the soul:

Young and elderly connoisseurs of life thronged the event place in great numbers despite the prevailing volatile circumstances of Bangalore City. The morning sessions of both days commenced with exquisite devotional songs of Holy Trio which wakened the “ Soul Consciousness ” of the connoisseurs.

First session was a speech by Dr Gururaj Karajagi who is the Chairman for Academy of Creative Teaching, Bangalore. His voice, his erudition encapsulated the audience with words of Swami Vivekananda which was never heard off or Should I say, Was heard but was not understood and implemented in the truth sense. " How small am I - The Human Being ? - I am but a speck of the microscopic desk in the vast immensity of space but given the power of logic and reason; I - The human being can comprehend the whole universe ". What this means is....The insignificant human being in the vast universe if realises the vast inner potential hidden within can rule over the whole universe. Dr Karajagi's coliseum note of the speech was when he referred to a preface from an Encyclopedia of 1100 sciencetists... " Out of 60 lack human beings born in this world only 1 { ONE } leaves a mark on the sands of time and rest live and die like WORMS! ". This by itself was a wake up call for the audiences about the ignorant plight of human life and where each of us should head too if we do not want to be one among the 5999999 worms !?

This was followed by speech of Sri Holiness Srimat Swami Nirbhayaananda Sarasvati, President, Ramakrishna – Vivekananda Ashram, Gadaga, Vijapura. With his erudite, sophisticated, aesthetical personality aura, Swamiji enthralled the audience with one quintessential maxim of the life....That of " Unlimitedness or The infiniteness capacity of human beings ". Swamiji continues with perfect authority on Great Indian Scriptures delineates further with a quote from Taittiriya Upanishad : - " Man being the emperor of the whole world is only one unite of human glory. And that each man is capable of achieving 10 to the power of 18 such glories [ 1018 ]". He concludes his speech with momentous strength of Indian Blood which is destined to achieve only infinitude goals and not limited small goals.

The Grand Climax:

The grand climax of the event was the emotionally hot charged and lyrically exuberant program { as always } by Sri Sulibele Chakravarthy. " India! india!! iNDIA!!! INDIA!!!! " " Vadha Mataram! Vande Matharam!! Vande Matharam!!! Vande Matharam!!!! " resonated the auditorium. Connoisseurs were dump struck and mesmerized to know what INDIA was and why INDIA stands still undeterred. After which the event ended with the recital of Vadha Matharam. { An slogan which six and half lack freedom fighters used for Indian Independence }

The Sine Que Non { without which not } motto and result of this event was not just to share information but instead the information shared should act as an impetus for the transformation of mind, body and soul of the connoisseurs.

I would conclude that this is what this event achieved! The transformation of MIND, BODY AND SOUL.

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" In a day when you don't come across any problems — you can be SURE that you are traveling in the WRONG path "
- Swami Vivekananda

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