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SUNDAY, MARCH 6, 2011 - Sri Ramakrishna Jayanti {Birthday}

- :PRELUDE of this mail : -
The reason for selecting the below TRANSCRIPT:-

There are “N" number of introductions written on Sri Ramakrishna. There are “N" number of prefaces written on Sri Ramakrishna. There is “N" number of preludes written on Sri Ramakrishna. There are “N " number of books written on Sri Ramakrishna; But I considered, decided and selected this particular transcript for the Himalayan humility with which Romain Rolland has written the first few lines of his book. He starts with lines which send shivers into my spinal cords: -

“I must beg my Indian readers to view with indulgence the mistakes I may have made. In spite of all the enthusiasm I have brought to my task, it is impossible for a man of West to interpret men of Asia with their thousand year’s experience of thought; for such an interpretation must often be erroneous. The only thing to which I can testify is the sincerity which has lead me to make a pious attempt to enter into all forms of life"

Roman Rolland categorically is asking our {INDIAN’s} indulgence for mistakes he might have committed while putting forth his interpretation of Sri Ramakrishna. And he further goes on to say that his interpretation MUST be with ERRORS, But I or Any one who has read his book can with complete authority say that his book does not contain a iota of mistake nor does his interpretation of man of Asia is with errors. This is the prime reason for selecting the below transcript from his book.

The reason for not writing my own ARTICLE:-

I see no infinitesimal speck of logic and reason for me to even think of writing another article then what Romain Rolland has already written in the below transcript on Sri Ramakrishna.

Books to buy and read for every indian:-

Before I let you go to quench the thrist; It is of impreative importance for each Indian Or Should I say, For whole humanity {{*}} to buy two books written by Romain Rolland.

One " The Life of Ramakrishna ". Second " The Life of Vivekananda and The Universal Gospel ". Without these two books how can great thirst of the world would ever be quenched ?

- Thanks
Rajhashekher BC – Raj
Sun, 6 March, 2011 12:07:36 AM

{{*}} FOR Indian thinking is never limited to only India or Indian’s but for the whole multiplicity of humanity at large. This is the prime reason because of which the world sees towards INDIA with open eyes not even finding time to blink the eye lashes.

{{ Below is copy of a transcript from the Book : - " The Life of Ramakrishna - By Romain Rolland " }}

" I am bringing to Europe, as yet unaware of it, the fruit of new autumn, a new message of the soul, the symphony of India, bearing the name of Ramakrishna " - wrote Romain Rolland to this Western Readers.

A biography of anyone is hard to write. But a biography of a saint is the most difficult of all, because most of the drama of a saint's life is lived within - far from the gaze, and even farther from the understanding, of the rest of the world. What then would compel a distinguished, world - renowned French writer - a Nobel laureate, in fact - to write the biography of a poor, almost illiterate priest of a Hindu Kali Temple in India ? And why would he want Westerners to know about him ?

" I have dedicated my whole life to the reconciliation of mankind", Rolland said. He obviously thought Ramakrishna had something extraordinary to say to humanity as a whole; otherwise he would not have spent so much time and gone through so much effort to gather material to write this book. But it was not just what Ramakrishna had to say. It was mainly his life that Rolland wanted to present. Ramakrishna demonstrated in his life that God was a fact of experience - not just for chosen few, but for all who cared to listen, no matter what their race, position in society, or creed was. This is what Rolland wanted to bring out.

As Rolland said, " And in the life of Ramakrishna, the Man - Gods, I am about to relate the life of this Jocob's ladder, whereon the twofold unbroken line of the Divine in man ascends and descends between heaven and earth. " To Rolland, " Ramakrishna is the younger brother of our Christ" " It is always the same Man", said Rolland, " - The Son of Man, the Eternal, Our Son, Our God reborn. With each return he reveals himself a little more fully, and more enriched by the universe. "

Rolland obviously felt greatly enriched himself by his encounter with Ramakrishna. And, like the person who cannot eat a mango without sharing it with other, he wanted others also to have the same experience. As he said to his Easteran readers:-

" And it is because Ramakrishna more fully than any other man not only conceived, but realised in himself the total Unity of this river of God, open to all rivers and all streams, that I have given him my love; and I have drawn a little of his sacred water to slake the great thirst of world.

But I shall not remain leaning at the edge of the river. I shall continue my march with the stream right to the sea. Leaving behind at each winding of the river where death has cried " Halt!" to one of our leaders the kneeling company of the faithful, I shall go with the stream and pay homage to it from the source to the estuary. Holy is the source, holy is the course, holy is the estuary. And we shall embrace within the river and it's tributaries, small and great, and in the Ocean itself - the whole moving mass of the living God."

The man { Sri Ramakrishna } whose image I here evoke was the consummation of two thousand years of the spiritual life of three hundred million people. Although he has been dead forty years, his soul animates modern India. He was no hero of action like Gandhi, no genius in art or thought like Goethe or Tagore. He was a little village Brahmin of Bengal, whose outer life was set in a limited frame without striking incident, outside the political and social activites of his time. But his inner life embraced the whole multiplicity of men and Gods.

It is my desire to bring the sound of the beating of that artery to the ears of fever - stricken Europe, which has murdered sleep. I wish to wet it's lips with the blood of Immortality...

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