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Why is India like this? Who is responsible for the mess which India is in? What is the main cause of India being not progressed? What is reason of problems which India has? The phraseology of questions does vary but invariable answer which is given to these questions from a new born baby {May be because of his \ her previous births intuition’s} to a person lying on his death bed is “It is because of Mahatma Gandhi!”. Let me with at most caution state that I am not advocating Mahatma Gandhi nor do I intent to do but would certainly pass information’s which would help in clearing the fog for those of who  comment on Mahatma Gandhi without reading him. And let me leave it to there discriminatory internal unbiased system for contemplation and self pronouncement. 

The unrelenting curse which has been self bestowed by us is that we don’t realize the value of our own people. Instead we tend to believe in people who are from far of lands. We believe in Albert Einstein and have tremendously faith in his words but not Gandhi's ? Albert Einstein once said “Further generations would not believe that a man like Gandhi had walked on this planet, Earth“.

Charlie Chaplin was one of the most arrogant men and he wanted to meet Mahatma Gandhi when he was in Manchester. He requested for an appointment, but because of tight schedules Gandhi said “No time”. However he said, I am coming to meet the King and Queen and if you really want to meet me; I can give you one minute time. After meeting the King and Queen I will be coming out of the palace, which has 42 steps; you can accompany me starting from the top most step till the last step while I disembark those stairs.  

Charlie Chaplin went and stood at the top most steps at the scheduled time and as Gandhi came of the palace he put his hands on Charlie Chaplin shoulders, both of them spoke with each other for one and half minutes and Gandhi got into his car. Charlie Chaplin writes in Biography that he did some thing which is considered historic. “I bow down and touched Gandhi’s feet. And I had NEVER done it to any one before, but I did it for Mahatma Gandhi. Today is the birth anniversary of this Great Mahatma {Born on 2nd October 1869} who walked this land of ours called India?

Fitting climax to this article would be to share the words of Romain Rolland {French Biographer of Ramakrishna, Vivekananda and Gandhi and a Nobel Laureatte } for in his words contain the undercurrent reason and coliseum influence of Sri Ramakrishna Deva Movement. He says “ The present leaders of India; The king of thinkers, The king of poets, and The Mahatma’s – Aurobindo Ghosh, Tagore and Gandhi – have grown, flowered and borne fruit under the double constellation of the Swan [ Paramahamsa Ramakrishna ] and the Eagle [ Swami Vivekananda] – A fact publicly acknowledge by Aurobindo and Gandhi"  

Is it not!?

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Rajhashekher BC - Raj

“If I die of a lingering illness, nay even by as much as a boil or a pimple, it will be your duty to proclaim to the world, even at the risk of making people angry with you, that I was not the man of God that I claimed to be. If you do that it will give my spirit peace. Note down this also that I someone were to end my life by putting a bullet through me – as someone tried to do with a bomb the other day – and I met his bullet without a groan, and breathed my last taking God’s name, then alone would I have made good my claim “
- Gandhi {January 29, 1948, to an attendant} a day before he was shot {30 January 1948}


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