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7th December passed by us without a trace of remorse. In reality, this is a day when whole world should commemorate those who died on that dreadful day of human suffering. Human suffering which has left behind a indelible mark on the sands of time, for humanity to contemplate and learn the craft of maintaining peace from pedestal of righteousness coupled with strength.

Late President Franklin D Roosevelt named this day of December 7, 1941 as “ a day which will live in infamy”. This word " Infamy " has attracted more minds then any other word, but its meaning still remains shrouded in mystery with its gravity underscored with lapse of time. Word infamy means, " Evil reputation brought about by something grossly criminal, shocking, or brutal". This is what was incurred on humanity at Perl Harbor on that gruesome day of December 7, 1941.

A curious Google search, under the topic “ Perl Harbor ” reveals a whopping 3,610,000 results in 0.23 seconds. So there is abundant information available know about Perl Harbor, provided if time is spent on its research. However, what these results do not reveal is the cause of such massacres? And also does not indicate how such massacre’s can be tangentially avoided; if not avoided, how it can minimized to least possible extent. World literature does pronounce the same truth of not providing consolable solutions, even if provided; it is in bits and pieces and is not conclusive [Decisive]. Only literature in the world which stands as authority, without scope of contradiction or argumentation is Swami Vivekananda literature in these aspects also.

Not once, but twice he warned the world of what was destined to happen. First time at Triplicane Literary Society { Madras }by saying “The whole of Western world is on a volcano which may burst tomorrow”. Second time, during his second visit of West where he saw Europe as “A vast military camp”. He continued “On the other hand, centralized, young and mightily Germany has begun her upward march above the horizon with rapid strides...... Germany is fast multiplying her population, and is exceptionally hardy. Today Germany is the dictator to all Europe , her place is above all!”
“ Germany will surely try to absorb the German – speaking portion of the Austrian Empire – and Russia and others are sure to oppose her; so there is the possibility of a dreadful war”

He not only warned the world of these wars, but also provided solutions by his to the world. By saying " I have a message for the west as Buddha had a message for the East”.....“The whole of Western Civilization will crumble to pieces in the next fifty years if there is no spiritual foundation…Europe, the centre of the manifestation of material energy, will CRUMBLE into dust within fifty years if she is not mindful to change her position, to shift her ground and make spirituality the basis of her life. And what will save Europe is the religion of the Upanishads” 

7th December is an outcome of world not shifting it’s axis to spiritual foundation and not adapting universal religion of Upanishads. If world does not want to witness any more blood shed he individual should play an immeasurable and immense role in maintaining sustained peace in the world. This role which each individual has to play is wonderfully articulated in these below lines...

“ Where there is righteousness in the heart, there is beauty in the character; When there is beauty in the character, there is harmony in the home; When there is harmony in the home, there is order in the nation; When there is order in the nation there is peace in the world” 

Are our hearts righteous for peace to prevail in the world!? 

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