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Lal Bahadur Srivastava Shastri was born on 2nd October 1904, and his demise from this land called India, was on 11th January 1966; the Wednesday which pass by us. Even though this platform is not for me to speak about occult sciences, this is a very rare exception; for the information which is to be given is positive.

There is general school of thought in occult sciences wherein it is said that people who are born with the birth date as 2nd , 11th or 20th are personalities whose heads are ruled by hearts and not heads ruled by hearts. A great one once said “If there is conflict between heart and mind. Do listen and act as per dictates of heart”.

That is how Lal Bhadur Srivastava Shastri ji was in his life. Today instead me writing with my broken language and knowledge, let me take the liberty of sharing information on this personality from various forms, that would well be media, news paper etc.



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Lal Bahadur Shastri doing office work in Airplane. Along with him is his wife, Lalita Devi.
Most of us would have studied about Shastri in our school textbooks in which we were taught that he was initially a freedom fighter, then became prime minister after Nehru, and later died in Tashkent. Thats all we know. So, let me share some interesting facts about him here...

If you combine dedication, ethics, honesty, integrity, responsibility, & austerity, you get Shastri!! The above photo is the best example to show his dedication towards his job. Can we think of today's politician doing his job in flight like this? Forget flight, do they do their jobs with this much of dedication even in their office?


There was a major railway accident sometime in 1950s. Being the railway minister at that time, he took moral responsibility and offered his resignation (However, Nehru did not accept it). That shows the moral standards he maintained.


During freedom struggle, when he was jailed by the British, he was informed that his daughter was sick. So he asked for 15 days permission and was granted on the condition that he will not participate in freedom struggle in these 15 days. By the time he reached his home, his daughter had died. After performing the funeral for 3 days, he immediately returned back to jail in spite of having 12 more days of freedom from jail!!

Similarly, one day, while in jail, he was told that his son was sick and this time he got a permission of 7 days of leave from jail. He stayed with his son all the 7 days. The son had still not recovered, but Shastri went back to jail to keep up his word!! (Fortunately, the son survived)


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Jan 12, 2012, 01.40AM IST TNN [ Jayashree Nandi ]
NEW DELHI: The 46th death anniversary of our second prime minister passed by without the country taking notice on Wednesday. There were no commemorative advertisements or large public events for Lal Bahadur Shastri, no string of red-beaconed cars at his memorials next door to 10, Janpath, and at Vijay Ghat. The event seemed to have slipped the government's mind but a 10-line commemorative note placed in TOI by an ardent follower showed that some in the public remembered.
The staff at the Lal Bahadur Shastri Memorial said no government representative had attended the prayer meeting at Vijay Ghat on Wednesday morning. As for the bungalow-turned-museum, they said parking restrictions in the area made it practically out of bounds for the public.

TOI found the property brimming with Shastri memorabilia that offers a glimpse into the daily life of the diminutive leader who derived strength from his integrity and simplicity. Ram Pher, the caretaker, fondly pointed out a white Fiat 1100 that Shastri bought with a Rs 5,000 loan from Punjab National Bank. "When his loan was approved in just a few minutes, Shastri-ji said the common man should have the same privileges," recalled Pher.

The kitchen still has a chulha (earthen stove) and the family's stainless steel utensils reflecting the late PM's love for simple things. A tiny silver vessel by the side of his wife Lalita Shastri's glass bangles is intriguing. "When Shastri-ji was in jail during Satyagraha, he asked his wife to drink milk to remain healthy. She had no money, so she drank milk in this to honour his wish."

PN Malhotra, who placed the tribute in TOI, said his memories of Shastri were from his own teens. "I saw him from a distance when I was 15 or 16," said the former assistant commissioner of police who retired in 2007. Malhotra said he became Shastri's ardent fan after reading his biographies. "He was a great person with a low profile. He played a major role in the resolution of the Indo-Pak war of 1965.

Almost everyone knows about his role in our freedom struggle too. I followed him because I liked his humility," said Malhotra, who attended Shastri's funeral in 1966. He has also attended all the prayer meetings on Shastri's death anniversary since then.

Malhotra got some 300 calls and 65 messages from readers on Wednesday. Other followers came down from different parts of the country to pay their respects. "I am a farmer. I started banana cultivation in Punjab, which is predominantly a wheat and maize growing state. These ideas are from Shastri's values. We involve youngsters in crop diversification and tell them about Shastri's works," said Mewa Singh, a member of Lal Bahadur Shastri Social Forum in Punjab, who was accompanied by a few more forum members.

The visitors talked about the relevance of Shastri's ideas in the light of Anna Hazare's recent campaign. "Shastri was responsible for the setting up of CBI. Today, when we are talking about Anna's campaign, he should be remembered for his views on corruption," said Sushil Malhotra, another member.
"It's difficult for me to say why no remembrance notes were published this time. It is very unfortunate. There should a formal remembrance effort. But he has been remembered by people," said Shastri's son and Congress leader Anil Shastri.

When Shartri Ji died his bank balance was not 363 crores like today’s politicians or any corrupt person but was only 363 rupees!?

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