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Just arrived from impetuous visit of Madurai. This visit of mine is like a speck of the microscopic desk, when compared with travelogue of Swami Vivekananda’s transit visit of Madurai. These questions shoot up in my mind during this visit of Madurai; Is it that Madurai, by making itself conducive as a transit route of Swami Vivekananda raised itself to greatness status ? Or Is it that Swami Vivekananda selected Madurai to be his transit route to provide greatness status to this city, Are questions which needs to be contemplated depending on individual prowess? And, I dare not to impreach on this freedom of thought.

Instead, let me share two passage’s. One, which proclaims Swami Vivekananda’s message to world {In particular to India} during his visit to this city and another from a book “Swami Vivekananda - Studies in Soviet Union“ [Translated from the Russian by Harish C. Gupta] which was pick up by me from Ramakrishna Math, Madurai during this visit, as it proclaims world's innate vision of Swami Vivekananda.

Transcript of Swami Vivekananda Madurai speech on February 2, 1897 “What We Ought to Know” - [ In Part ]

“Wherever there is a thing really needed in one part of the world, the complement will find its way there and supply it with new life. This is true in the physical world as well as in the spiritual. If there is a want of spirituality in one part of the world, and at the same time that spirituality exists elsewhere, whether we consciously struggle for it or not, that spirituality will find its way to the part where it is needed and balance the inequality. In the history of the human race, not once or twice, but again and again, it has been the destiny of India in the past to supply spirituality to the world. We find that whenever either by mighty conquest or by commercial supremacy different parts of the world have been kneaded into one whole race and bequests have been made from one corner to the other, each nation, as it were, poured forth its own quota, either political, social, or spiritual. India's contribution to the sum total of human knowledge has been spirituality, philosophy. These she contributed even long before the rising of the Persian Empire; the second time was during the Persian Empire; for the third time during the ascendancy of the Greeks; and now for the fourth time during the ascendancy of the English, she is going to fulfil the same destiny once more. As Western ideas of organization and external civilisation are penetrating and pouring into our country, whether we will have them or not, so Indian spirituality and philosophy are deluging the lands of the West. None can resist it, and no more can we resist some sort of material civilization from the West. A little of it, perhaps, is good for us, and a little spiritualisation is good for the West; thus the balance will be preserved. It is not that we ought to learn everything from the West, or that they have to learn everything from us, but each will have to supply and hand down to future generations what it has for the future accomplishment of that dream of ages —the harmony of nations, an ideal world. Whether that ideal world will ever come I do not know, whether that social perfection will ever be reached I have my own doubts; whether it comes or not, each one of us will have to work for the idea as if it will come tomorrow, and as if it only depends on his work, and his alone. Each one of us will have to believe that every one else in the world has done his work, and the only work remaining to be done to make the world perfect has to be done by himself. This is the responsibility we have to take upon ourselves.

Transcript from the book “ Swami Vivekananda - Studies in Soviet Union “ [Translated from the Russian by Harish C. Gupta ] - [ In Part ]

“Much could be said and written about Vivekananda, many arguments could be advanced upholding different standpoints in an effort to explain his intricate and inimitable world outlook. More works about him will no doubt be written both in India and in other countries and this is fine if they help understand more fully and deeply the ideas of the great patriot. We can safely say that many years will pass, many generations will come and go, Vivekananda and his time will become the distant past, but never will there FADE the memory of the man who all his life dreamed of a better future for his people, who did so must to awaken his compatriots and move India forward, to defend his much - suffering people from injustice and brutality. Like a rocky cliff protecting a coastal valley from storm and bad weather, from the blows of ill winds and waves, Vivekananda fought courageously and selflessly against the enemies of his motherland. Together with the India people, Soviet people who already know some of the works of Vivekananda published in the USSR, highly revere the memory of the great India patriot, humanist and democrat, impassioned fighter for a better future for his people and all mankind” - E.P. CHELISHEV

Fitting climax to this journey is to leave with
 these questionable statements:  

* Do we really believe that every one else in the world has done his work, and the only work remaining to be done to make the world perfect has to be done by me? And have we taken this responsibility upon ourselves to complete this work !?

Rajhashekher BC - Raj
MONDAY, November 28, 2011

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