Saturday, July 16, 2011


My Dear (Swami Ramakrishnananda), CHICAGO, 1894 - IN PART

Never mind, Great men like you should pay no heed to what Mazoomdar says. Shall we, children of Shri Ramakrishna, nourished with his heart's blood, be afraid of WORM - BITES ?

"The wicked criticise the conduct of the magnanimous, which is extraordinary and whose motives are difficult to fathom" (Kalidasa's Kumârasambhavam)

Remember all this and forgive this fool. It is the will of the Lord that people of this land have their power of introspection roused, and does it lie in anybody to check His progress? I want no name — I want to be a voice without a form. I do not require anybody to defend me — Who am I to check or to help the course of His march? And who are others also? Still, my heartfelt gratitude to them.

" Established in which state a man is not moved even by great misfortune" (Gita) — that state he has not reached; think of this and look upon him with pity. Through the Lord's will, the desire for name and fame has not yet crept into my heart, and I dare say never will. I AM AN INSTRUMENT, AND HE IS THE OPERATOR. Through this instrument He is rousing the religious instinct in thousands of hearts in this far-off country. Thousands of men and women here love and revere me. . . . "

" He ( Sri Ramakrishna ) MAKES THE DUMB ELOQUENT AND MAKES THE LAME CROSS MOUNTAINS". I am amazed at His grace. Whichever town I visit, it is in an uproar. They have named me "the cyclonic Hindu". Remember, it is His will — I am a voice without a form.

A movement which half a dozen penniless boys set on foot and which now bids fair to progress in such an accelerated motion — is it a humbug or the Lord's will? If it is, then let all give up party-spirit and jealousy, and UNITE IN ACTION.

My heart's love to all.
Ever yours in love,

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