Sunday, July 10, 2011


Louis Jacolliot { 1837 - 1890 } who translated numerous Vedic hyms, the Manusmriti, and the Tamil work - Kural " His Masterpiece ". He praised the Vedas in his " Sons of God " by saying : -

“The Hindu revelation, which proclaims the slow and gradual formation of worlds, is of all revelations the only one whose ideas are in complete harmony with modern science". He further feels India has given to the west MUCH MORE than she is credited with! He continues : -

" Besides the discoverers of geometry and algebra, the constructors of human speech, the parents of philosophy, the primal expounders of religion, the adepts in psychological and physical science, how even the greatest of our biological and theologians seem dwarfed! Name of us any modern discovery, and we venture to say that Indian history need not long be searched before the prototype will be found on record. Here we are with the transit of science half accomplished, and all our Vedic ideas in process of readjustment to the theories of force correlation, natural selection, atomic polarity and evolution. And here, to mock our conceit, our apprehension, and our despair, we may read what Manu said, perhaps 10,000 years before the birth of Christ.

* ' The first germ of life was developed by water and heat.' (Manusmriti - Book I, sloka 8, 9)

* ' Water ascends towards the sky in vapors; from the sun it descends in rain, from the rains are born the plants, and from the plants, animals.'

(Manusmriti - Book III, sloka 76)

After reading these lines it is certain that INDIA had an history even before first history book came into existence.

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