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We did not get independence all of a sudden. Behind independent India, there is infinite history of freedom struggle and life sacrifice of Indian’s. Unfortunately even the most educated in the society does not even know the minuscule detail of freedom struggle which was carried out for India independence. If someone is asked [ starting from a kid to an eldest person ] as to...How India got independence? The preprogrammed answer would be; India got independence because of Mahatma Gandhi’s non violent movement. With complete and perfect respects of those movements of Mahatma Gandhi let us plunge and reveal for ourselves the history’s truth of Indian freedom struggle.

Mahatma Gandhi’s contribution for liberation of India is too huge to confine in the words. In history of his time and tenure, if there was any person more famous then GOD, it was our Mahatma Gandhi. He was like a resurgent saint who had resurged with single motive of seeing an Independent India. He used pinch of salt, a thread of cotton and a single grass as nuclear weapons against the British Empire. And, even if the Indian Ocean were an inkstand, the highest mountain of the Himalaya the pen, the earth the scroll and time itself the writer still it will not express our gratitude to him. But to believe that because of only non violent movements India got independence is not the truth and is also off tangent to Mahatma Gandhi’s believed Truth.

In addition to these movements of his, there was a prevalent violent freedom struggle of 130 years. During these 130 years, India lost six and half lack freedom fighters who were in between the tender age group of 23 –28 years. Today is the birth anniversary of one such youth – CHANDRASEKAR TIWARI [ 23 July 1906 ]

In Dec 1921, when Mahatma Gandhi Launched the Non – Cooperation Movement, so many students came out their schools and colleges to join the movement. Chandrasekher Tiwari was also one of them, who not only actively participated in the protest movement, but also faced the brutal conflict with the police. As a result he was arrested and received his first punishment at the teen age of fifteen and a half years {15 and ½ years}.
For this act of civil disobedience, when the magistrate asked his name, he immediately replied- "Azad" meaning bondless. When he was asked to tell his father's name, he told- My Father’s name! Who can keep 100 judges like you under his feat is my father. His name is “SWATANTRA “meaning self-esteemed. [An answer given by a 15 and ½ years old kid]. The magistrate became annoyed and asked in a rough tone- "Where is thy abode?" Without any hesitation he answered- "Jailkhana" meaning prison.

Then the magistrate tried to teach him a lesson for his nonsense replies. He immediately ordered him for a fifteen days' imprisonment. Over the punishment he again commented- "Sir! I had correctly mentioned my abode because I knew you will certainly keep me there." The people present in the court laughed very loudly over the reply of Chandra Shekhar. The magistrate, who had totally lost his temper, asked the policemen to punish him with the strong strokes of fifteen lashes. For which Chandrasekhar Azad says: - “Honorable Judge do you think that I have stolen chicken. Instead I have hit a police man of British Empire. At least I should get 30 strikes”

With each stroke of the whip he shouted boldly- "Bharat Mata Ki Jai !" (en.hail my motherland). From that point onwards, Chandra Shekhar assumed the title of 'Azad' and came to be known as Chandra Shekhar 'Azad'.

At the end of 15 strikes the blood was pouring from his body muscles but there were no tears in his eyes. After which he was given milk to drink; Azad said that he would not drink milk till India gets freedom. Prison jailer as per rules paid him ONE AND HALF QUARTER rupees for his first aide. Chandrasekhar Azad taking one and half quarter rupees; He [Azad] says “To wipe the boots of the British Queen is your duty not mine. Give this one and half quarter rupees to your Queen. And tell her, that it is gift from a fifteen year old INDIAN FREEDOM FIGHTER“. This is Indian spirit.

He further says you have caught me while I was sitting in a class room. I will challenge you that I will fight against you till the last breathe of my life and till I see Independent India and will never be caught alive.

In the last week of Feb, 1931 Azad went to Allahabad and meet Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru to convince him to persuade Gandhiji to talk to the Viceroy Lord Irwin in reaching an agreement with the British Government in the forthcoming Gandhi-Irwin Pact. Azad met Pandit Nehru in the early morning of 27 Feb, 1931 at his residence Anand Bhawan in Allahabad. He tried to convince Nehru but the result was not fruitful. Instead of getting convinced by arguments Nehru asked Azad to leave his place go away from there. Azad could not tolerate it at all and moved away murmuring something in his mouth.

From Anand Bhawan he reached straightforward to the Alfred Park on his bicycle. He sat under a tree of Jamun (in. Hindi) after standing his bicycle behind the tree. He was discussing some confidential matter with Sukhdev Raj who was a man of his party. In the meantime a police jeep arrived there. Deputy Superintendent of Police Bisheshwar Singh alongwith S.S.P.(C.I.D.) John Nott-Bower got down from the jeep. Within a few minutes a huge number of policemen surrounded the whole ground of Alfred Park. During the initial encounter, Azad suffered a severe bullet wound in his right thigh, making it difficult for him to escape. But even than he made it possible for Sukhdev Raj to escape away by providing him a cover fire. After Sukhdev Raj escaped, Azad managed to keep the police at bay for a long time. Finally, with only one bullet left in his pistol after being completely surrounded and outnumbered, Chandra Shekhar Azad SHOT HIMSELF, KEEPING HIS PLEDGE TO NEVER BE CAPTURED ALIVE....

Just came back after seeing news that 100 acres out of 2, 500 acres of Military Land [ which is of critical importance in Srinagar ] has been sold to a private owner. Our youths give their lives and nerveless, nerve dead people sell our land for greed of money ?
Does it not make your blood boil!?

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