Sunday, December 29, 2013


NDTV facilitated India’s 25 Greatest Global Living legends @ Rastrapati Bhawan on Dec 14, 2013. When Vikram Sath (One of the 25 living legends of India) was called to share his three advices to youth of India, he ...shared below three corner stones which can act as elevated pedestal for any individual in 2014.

Intolerance is violence: -

My first piece of advice is …as great Ela Bhatt said “Poverty is violence. And poverty is violence with the acquiescence of society”. I would say in a perfectly parallel mode that “Intolerance is violence (applause). And accepted…. (Applause) intolerance is violence with acquiescence of society“.

There is no point in rapping yourself up in colors of a flag, when you don’t realize that the flag has more than one component. There are different colors in it, they mean different things, and in the heart of it – is the wheel. The wheel of Buddhism – you might call it, but really it's the wheel of Justice, the wheel of dharm, the wheel of recycle of birth, the wheel of law.........

We cannot have intolerance in family; you can see how disastrous that would be! And we cannot certainly have a spirit of intolerance within our country, as a whole….

Go with yourself: -

And the second one is …You may as well be yourself because really there is no else you can be. We are here for such a ridiculously short time, in this ridiculous trivial corner of the universe that if we aren’t ourselves than what’s the point of doing anything at all. So I would say in all matters…, whether it’s your profession, whether it’s your beliefs or whether it's the person you love, you must go at heart with who you are? Not what someone else tells you…Not what your clan tells you….Not even what unjust law tells you, go with yourself….!?

Respect your parents: -

And the third thing which I would say is…..Your parents are who make you who you are, in case of I, loving…hardworking, generous hearted parents…. I can only say I really vow more to them, then I can describe…Thank you....

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