Saturday, July 13, 2013


Dispciple : - If it is so, Swamiji, how is it then that the texts on Bhakti say that too much of renunciation kills the feelings that make for tenderness ?

Swamiji : - Throw away, I say, texts which teach things like that! Without renunciation, without burning dispassion for sense-object, without turning away from wealth and lust as from filthy abominations - " Never can one attain salvation even in hundreds of Brahm's cycles." Repeating the names of the Lord, mediation, worship, offering libations in sacred fire, penance - all these are for bringing forth renunciation. One who has not gained renunciation, know his efforts to be like unto those of the man who is pulling at the oars all the while that the boat is at anchor. - " Neither by progeny nor wealth, but by renunciation alone some attained immortality ".

- Swami Vivekananda
[ Page 243 - Talks with Swami Vivekananda ]

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