Saturday, November 24, 2012


Dear respected friends,

Just returned from Madurai, the city where Swamiji traveled. Saw the place [ MC school ] where Swamiji, gave a speech - Reply to the address of Welcome. Below transcript [in part] of the same address, gives the intensity with which he wanted India to raise.

“WE must see Religion face to face, experience it, and thus solve our doubts about it; and then standing up in the glorious light of Rishihood each one of us will be a giant; and every word falling from our lips will carry behind it that infinite sanction of security; and before us evil will vanish by itself without the necessity of cursing any one, without the necessity of abusing any one, without the necessity of fighting any one in the world. May the Lord help us, each one of us here, to realise the Rishihood for our own salvation and for that of others! "

- Swami Vivekananda
Reply to the Address of Welcome at Madura

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