Sunday, July 25, 2010


These lines are written to shed light on Warrier Swami Vivekanada. Whose personality we don't know and even if known; it's very little. One of the first things which strikes like thunderous lighting is his call for strength and dynamism in our daily lives. And the need of inculcating these very attributes in our very lifes. This very fact on swamiji's literature is best articulated in the words of Romain Rolland [ A French Dramatist, Essayist, Art Historian and Mystic who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1915 ], which i cannot refain from quoting : -

" His [ SWAMI VIVEKANANDA ] words are great music, phrases in the style of Beethoven, stirring rhythms like the marth of Handel choruses. I cannot touch these sayings of his, scattered as they are through the pages of books, at THIRTY YEARS' distance, without receiving a thrill throught my body like an electric shock. And what shocks, what transports, must have been produced when in burning words they issued from the lips of the HERO..!!"

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